Tips On How To Improve Your Health For A New You

It’s a new year, this 2020, so it should also be the time for new beginnings. Most people want to improve their health (among other things) so they can keep up with the ever-changing speed of life and just to be healthier in general. Of course, it’s normal to want to feel better when it comes to your personal health this year.  

Here are some ideas you can try out so that you can wind up with an improved version of YOU. 

Look In The Mirror

Yes, just go to your mirror first thing in the morning and check yourself out. Do you look good? Does your hair look ratty and dry? How does your face look? Any breakouts or rough skin that you’d like to get rid of? Do you look heavier, especially around the midsection? You might want to jot down your observations in a notebook under the title “The Old Me”. This gives you a foundation from which you can start making changes. 

Make a Game Plan 

You probably identified quite a lot of parts of yourself that you want to change. Take time to assess the notes you jotted down so that you know what you want to “change into”. Maybe you’d like to start different hair care and facial care routines. Or start a new exercise regimen then buy new clothes as you slim down. You can put these ideas in your notebook under “Possible Health Goals for 2020”. 

Steps To Take To Change Into The New You 

This is the more challenging part because this means you will be taking action towards your new goals. You’re in charge though. You will be looking for ways that you can reach your goals. So go to a dermatologist and ask how you can clean your skin better so it will look fresh and glowing. Visit a gym and ask if they have a personal trainer – you may want some guidance on how to exercise (especially if you have problem areas that need work, like your beloved belly). Go window shopping so you can find nice-looking clothes that you’d like to buy once you slim down or if you just want to improve your wardrobe. 

Try Intermittent Fasting  

If you seem heavier right now, you might want to go through some intermittent fasting so that your body will start burning fat. There are intermittent fasting stages so you may need an internal medicine doctor to explain to you how this works if you don’t understand it. The point of intermittent fasting is that your own body will take steps to get rid of unwanted fat. It isn’t the same as starving yourself because starvation diets usually wind up just depriving you to the point that you stop fasting and go on a binge eating spree. Again, speak to your doctor and ask for tips before attempting to try it out. 

Change Your Diet In Simple Ways 

Aside from intermittent fasting, you can also adjust your diet so that you will be eating healthier. It is best to take simple steps when changing your diet so that they are achievable. People who set up grandiose diet goals usually wind up backsliding midway through the diet phase and are right back where they started. So you can add more fruits and veggies in increments. Eat less meat. Add more healthy ingredients like microgreens and tofu. Learn how to cook healthier meals for yourself. And get a diet buddy who will cheer you on as you get healthier with this new diet. 

Check Your Notebook To Cite Small Gains 

Go back to your notebook periodically to note down any gains you make over time. You can make this a weekly habit actually for more realistic success. You can invest in an accurate weighing scale and weigh yourself weekly. Then reward yourself with something nice so that you can really feel the gains that you’ve made. (You can bring along your diet buddy so that shopping is that much more fun!) 

Final Thoughts 


Everybody starts the new year with the resolve to get healthier – but often get off the wagon easily midway through the year. If you really want healthier changes, you may get a notebook and note down your current state. Then develop a health and fitness regimen that you intend to stay on. Check your record periodically to check if you are still pursuing your goals. Ask for help from experts such as doctors if you don’t understand certain stuff about your health and fitness problems – this helps you to understand which health choices are best to pursue. Then reward yourself when you succeed in reaching your goals.