How Can I Improve My Prostate Health

A man’s prostate gland is part of their reproductive organ responsible for secreting prostate fluid. This fluid is composed of alkaline that makes up about 70% of a man’s semen. These secretions provide nutrition and lubrication to the sperm and aid in neutralizing the acidic environment in the vagina. The prostate gland is also necessary during a man’s ejaculation and urination. 

Generally, the size of the prostate is similar to a walnut. However, as men start to age, their prostate can also start to enlarge. From a walnut-sized organ, the prostate can be the size of an apricot or a lemon. Once this happens, you can experience frequent and painful urination, interrupted urine flow, and erectile dysfunction. 

For you to avoid symptoms caused by an enlarged prostate or prostate cancer, improve your prostate health by following these tips: 

1. Take Prostate-Healthy Supplements Regularly

For men who are always on the go, they won’t have the time to prepare meals from scratch and check if these meals contain the nutrients their prostate needs. If you fit in this qualification, don’t worry. Supplements, like the ones when you visit here, can provide all the nutrients that your prostate requires in order to stay healthy and ward off cancer cells. 

Taking supplements can give you the assurance that your prostate receives the right nutrients regardless of how occupied you are. Supplements that are specifically made for men’s prostate health are available almost anywhere, making them a convenient choice for many. 

2. Get Some Sun

Studies have supported the claims that low levels of vitamin D can increase a man’s susceptibility to cancer cells. This

 means that you’ll have higher chances of developing prostate cancer if you get little to zero amount of vitamin D. 

Steer away from this direction by increasing your sun exposure. You can be out in the sun daily for short periods, as long as you’re using sunscreen, and you’re doing it early in the morning and late in the afternoon. The sun is at its highest point from 11 AM to 3 PM, so make sure to stay indoors during these times. 

3. Cut Down On Salt

Sure, salt might look small, but over time, consuming foods and drinks that contain too much salt can increase your prostate cancer risk. This happens because salt is one of the biggest contributing factors to high blood pressure. Aside from being a leading cause of disability and death, several studies have confirmed the direct link between high blood pressure and prostate cancer. 

Choosing foods and drinks that are low in sodium can prevent high blood pressure and prostate cancer. Make sure to read and compare the labels of the products you’re consuming to determine its salt content. 

Minimize the consumption of canned, frozen, and processed foods, as well. Large amounts of salt are used to increase the shelf life and preserve the quality of these foods. 

4. Drink Tea

When it comes to prostate health, drinking hibiscus tea and green tea are probably the oldest tricks in the book. These teas contain high levels of antioxidants that work by preventing prostate cancer from forming in the body. Antioxidants can also slow down the development and growth of aggressive prostate cancer. 

If you’re leaning towards this direction, make sure that you consume teas that don’t have any caffeine. This ingredient can irritate your prostate and bladder, which can result in urinary incontinence in the future. Caffeine can also aggravate symptoms caused by prostatitis.   

5. Exercise Regularly To Lose Weight

Taking care of your prostate health doesn’t require expensive equipment or drastic lifestyle changes. Exercising regularly is probably the easiest and cheapest way of attaining a healthy prostate. 

By staying physically active, you’ll be able to lose weight and eventually reduce symptoms of prostate conditions. Your weight can affect the severity and frequency of these symptoms as added weight can put too much pressure on your bladder and prostate.  

As a result, you will experience severe urinary problems. Being overweight can also increase your chances of developing prostate cancer. You can also read this article to have a better idea of how to treat obesity and overweight. 

7. Reduce Stress 

Chronic stress can significantly affect your prostate health. Experiencing too much stress for an extended period can cause your pelvic muscles to contract or tighten. Over time, these muscles can create severe problems on your pelvic floor. This health condition is one of the leading causes of chronic prostatitis. 

Always practice work and life balance to avoid stress. Regardless of how busy you are, always find time to relax and have fun. Doing this regularly will surely make your prostate happy and healthy! 

Ask Your Doctor First 

Before changing your diet and lifestyle as an attempt to improve your prostate health, find time to visit your doctor first. They can provide professional medical advice on what you should and shouldn’t do to better take care of your prostate. 

Consuming foods or engaging in activities that aren’t approved by your doctor might not provide the results you want. In worse cases, it might even become the reason why your prostate health will deteriorate.