Benefits of Using Liquid Supplements When Running 

The human body requires adequate amounts of nutrients and minerals to operate at its best. It becomes even more important that you get your body’s needs when you’re regularly working out. When you don’t consume the right food, you might undo the benefits of exercising because you don’t have the right fuel for recovery. 

That is especially true when you’re a runner. Because running is a high-impact activity, your bones and muscles need to be strong enough to take a beating from your training. The correct nutrition ensures that your body can always commit to the challenge while relieving from pain. 

What Nutrients Do Runners Need? 

Your best running performances are usually a result of smart training, adequate recovery, and proper nutrition. Without the right combination of these factors, your body won’t be able to repair and replenish its systems for the next workout. 

You can usually achieve this when you consume enough protein, probiotics, electrolytes, magnesium, and vitamin B-complex. Recovery drinks, such as chocolate milk and protein shakes, also ensure that your muscles will be able to build themselves up after a tough session. 

Although a good diet will usually bring you these nutrients, sometimes they may still fall short. That’s where supplements come in. 

Supplements come in a variety of forms. They can be in capsules, tablets, soft gels, chewable tablets, gummies, and liquid form. 

While all of them promise the same nutritional value, the liquid form can deliver better than the others. Let’s explore a few reasons why liquid supplements are beneficial, especially for runners like you: 

1. Potency 

Compared to pills and capsules, you can pack and process more nutrients into a liquid formula. For instance, capsules usually come in 500mg dosages—with 1,000mg being the biggest dosage possible. By contrast, some liquid supplements can carry up to 30,000mg of nutrients—a far cry from the meager 500mg offered by capsules. 

Thus, if you are looking for a supplement that will help out with your diet, liquid supplements are more than capable of delivering your nutritional needs. 

2. Easier Absorption 

Capsules need to be broken down and digested first before its nutrients become bioavailable. The problem with the prolonged process is that you may only end up getting less than the promised amount of nutrition. 

Liquid supplements, on the other hand, have a better absorption rate compared to capsules. This means they are readily absorbed by the bloodstream after ingestion. Hence, your body will be able to use them almost immediately, which can be really helpful for recovery when you’ve just finished your workout. 

3. Easier Digestion 

Although you may not have any problems swallowing large pills or capsules, some people may have trouble doing so. Aside from making the nutrient absorption process more convenient, ingesting liquids is also a lot easier. 

Going back to the available dosage per supplement type, naturally, no one would be willing to swallow 30-60 capsules just to absorb the same amounts of vitamins and minerals. Liquid supplements are highly nutritious with just a few teaspoons, and you can even mix it with your breakfast smoothies to boost your day. 

4. Conveniently Energizing 

Now, if you’re planning to bring replenishments during your longer runs, supplement-infused drinks can help you refuel better. Aside from taking sports gels and electrolytes, putting liquid supplements into your drinks can keep you going when you’re already growing tired. 

You are bound to lose a lot of fluids and electrolytes the longer and the harder your workouts become. You want to have something that can replace what you lost as soon as possible. Since liquid supplements are absorbed in a faster rate, rest assured that you won’t be hitting a wall in your workouts and in actual races. 

5. Affordability 

Pills and capsules need to undergo a rigorous process to be produced. This complexity allows manufacturers to pack the nutrients in a small pill. Thus, they may end up being more expensive than liquid supplements. 

With liquids, you actually get more nutrients for less amount, which usually computes to lower expenses in the long run.  

Conclusion: Get More of Your Exercise Needs in Liquid Form 

Not all supplements are made the same, and you would want to get the one that’s worth your money. Liquid supplements make nutrients available for immediate use compared to other supplement types. 

As a runner, liquid supplements give your body the nutrients it needs to recover at a faster rate. If you want a supplement that will truly keep its nutritional promises, you’re better off choosing the ones in liquid form.