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NB STAGE NB was launched in 2015-2016 to address the scarcity of qualified interpreters in New Brunswick. This 12-month mentoring program is an innovative, research-based, mentoring opportunity for interpreters with 0-5 years of experience.

This is a one of its kind mentoring opportunity where new interpreters at no cost to them receive paid employment under the supervision of 12 different mentors throughout the year. This dynamic team is comprised of 4 on site interpreter mentors, 4 skill development mentors and 4 Deaf mentors. All of which have received 80+ hours of direct training on how to be an appropriate mentor, which included information on mentoring, on assessing interpreting, application of the AVLIC Code of Professional Conduct, and devising approaches to introducing newcomers to the culture of New Brunswick.

Upon completion of the program, NB STAGE NB Interpreters are expected to achieve the PETL Level III competencies. It is anticipated that these individuals will remain in New Brunswick and work as interpreters for a minimum of 3 years after the completion of their mentorship.

Selection Criteria

To be considered for the New Brunswick STAGES Nouveau Brunswick Collaborative Learning Mentorship Program (NB STAGES NB), a successful applicant must adhere to the criteria and expectations outlined below.

Selection Criteria
  • Hold active membership within AVLIC;
  • Be a graduate of an ASL-English Interpreter Program (AEIP) recognized by AVLIC and possess 0-5 years' experience in the interpreting profession;
  • Satisfy the skill-set requirements of a standardized screening tool;
  • Be eligible to work in Canada;
  • Own a vehicle or have access to one, have a valid driver’s license and automobile insurance;
  • Be open to constructive feedback and demonstrate a commitment to further develop specific skills;
  • Embrace a supportive, constructive and respectful approach in interpersonal relationships.

General Expectations

  • Abide by the detailed roles, responsibilities, and expectations stated within the Mentoring Contractual Agreement: (Click HERE for sample contract)
  • Participate in the program for 12 consecutive months of remunerated service; Work with assigned mentors for a period of 10 consecutive months followed by 2 months of transitioning to independent work.
  • Demonstrate commitment to collaborate with mentors in order to identify areas of focus, to develop learning plans, and work towards goals that will contribute to overall professional development
  • Be willing and able to travel within New Brunswick for mentorship experiences for the duration of the program;
  • Be willing to commit to working as an interpreter in NB following the completion of The New Brunswick Collaborative Learning Mentorship Program for a period of 3 years.


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Mentor: Chrissy Montgomery
Stage Interpreter: Sair
Stage Interpreter: Erin
Stage Interpreter: Holly
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NB Stages Interpreter (NSI) 2017-2018


Lauren Molloy

From: Uxbridge Ontario
Interpreting Program: George Brown College
Graduated: 2017
Now lives: Fredericton, NB

Member of Association of Visual Language Interpreters-New Brunswick and Association of Visual language Interpreters of Canada.

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