SJDHHS is a member agency of the United Way of Greater Saint John

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Saint John Deaf and Hard of Hearing Services 


And the Spotlight is on...

ST50 Fanstell Amplified Speakerphone

The ST50 is a sophisticated amplified speakerphone that can digitally adjust frequency-specific volume levels so that any user, especially those working in extremely noisy environments, can comfortably and clearly hear a caller's voice.  It boasts highly flexible sound settings: incoming voices may be amplified by up to 52dB with extra amplification for high frequencies. 


Our Regular Price $159.99. 


You can find this and many more aids on our Store page.

Who We Are


The Saint John Deaf & Hard of Hearing Services Inc. (SJDHHS) is a non-profit fee for services organization partially funded by the United Way of Greater Saint John and local fundraising events.

The SJDHHS was formed in 1979 in response to a growing recognition of the needs of deaf and hard of hearing individuals.  The agency's goal is to enable deaf, hard of hearing and deafened people to live independent productive lives, with full access to the services and opportunities available to the hearing populations.

In order to accomplish this, our new vision is to foster self-sufficiency through transitional and early intervention services bridging the gap between the hearing and hard of hearing/deaf world.

SJDHHS provides a wide range of services to the Southwestern New Brunswick (Grand Falls to Sussex) deaf, hard of hearing and late deafened communities.  Our programs and services are extensive.  Our office and staff is always open to new and innovative ways to provide services.





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Canada Revenue Agency's Disability Tax Credit (DTC)


 Disability Tax Credit


The disability tax credit (DTC) is a non-refundable tax credit that helps persons with disabilities or their supporting persons reduce the amount of income tax they may have to pay. For more information, go to


Le crédit d'impôt pour personnes handicapées


Le crédit d'impôt pour personnes handicapées (CIPH) est un crédit d'impôt non remboursable qui aide les personnes handicapées et leurs aidants à réduire l'impôt sur le revenu qu'ils pourraient avoir à payer. Pour en savoir plus, allez à